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College Without a Social Security Number

FlagsYou are not required to provide your Social Security Number in order to attend CSI. Most of the steps for entering and attending the College of Southern Idaho are the same with or without a Social Security Number. The main differences are:

  • Some programs will not be available to you because a background check, requiring a Social Security number, is necessary in order to enter the program. Details can be found in the next section of this web page.
  • You are not eligible for federal financial aid but other sources of assistance, such as scholarships, are available.
  • You will need to register in person for your first semester classes. After that you will be able to register online.

What program can I study and what career can I enter?

The list below is intended to assist you in deciding which program of study or career will suit your needs best. Please be aware that U.S. employers will require a Social Security Number prior to employment, and that other colleges or universities may have policies which differ from the College of Southern Idaho. You can find information about transferring from CSI to a four-year school at http://www.csi.edu/transferGuide/

  1. Programs which do not require a background check;
  2. Programs you are free to enter without a background check, but which may lead to employment that will require a background check in order to be hired.
  3. Programs that are closed to a candidate with a criminal history.

1. The following programs DO NOT require a background check..



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2. A background check is NOT required for entry into the following programs but may be required for certification.



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3. Barriers exist for entry into the following programs. Many of these programs involve clinical, job shadow or other work-based learning, and background checks are required by the employment site.


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How can I pay for school?

StudentScholarships can be a source of assistance for school. Check out CSI's scholarship web page, http://scholarships.csi.edu/. Pay particular attention to the boxes at the left, where you can learn more about outside scholarships and scholarship search engines, which help to match you with appropriate scholarships. Please visit the CSI Career Center in the Taylor Building to learn about more resources. There are many free resources for finding financial assistance for your education. We do not recommend services that charge fees of any kind for finding or getting scholarships or other financial aid.

You may also find support from people who share your cultural heritage. Adults in your community network may be successful business owners who want to assist young people as they get established in the United States. Cultural celebrations such as the Quinciañera or Bar Mitzvah may provide an opportunity for you to share your educational goals and for others to assist you in meeting these goals.

Additional Resources

You are welcome to visit the CSI Career Center! We have free online assessment tools to help you choose the best career for you, and can help you create an individual plan for your education and career success. We are in the Taylor Building, Room 174, just around the corner from the Eagle's Nest Café, and we're open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can contact us at 732-6259.

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