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Female welder. Male dental assistant. Not the image that usually comes to mind when you think of workers in these professions because it's not "traditional" to be in an occupation in which 75% of employees are the gender opposite of yours.

Why would someone make that choice?  Gender stereotypes are challenged when choices are based on interests, personality traits, aptitude, and important role models.  Salaries, advancement opportunities and benefits for nontraditional careers may also be better.  In particular, this is often true for careers considered nontraditional for women because jobs traditionally held by men (i.e. automotive technician) pay better than jobs held by women (i.e. retail sales)

Because CSI students training for non-traditional occupations face a unique set of challenges, the Center for New Directions sponsors the Nontradtional Occupations (NTO) Incentive Awards Program that offers financial incentives and learning activities to help NTO students succeed in school and in their future workplace.

Nontraditional Occupations reflect a full and unrestricted career choice and equal employment opportunity for all, regardless of gender or race.

The Center for New Directions:

  • Our office offers free services such as:
    • Student/instructor/employer liaisons.
    • Academic support.
    • Peer/mentor support group.
    • One-on-one sessions to discuss NTO stressors.
    • Links to other support services.
    • Job search preparation

Research demonstrates that persons who choose occupations based on abilities and interests experience greater job satisfaction.  It is important for men, as well as women, to choose careers that they find rewarding and interesting.  Effective career planning means considering all of your options before choosing a career path regardless of gender or traditional for the culture.  Few careers have requirements that limit employment based on gender.  Find a career based on what fits you.

If you are, or will be, in one of the CSI non-traditional training programs listed below, learn how you can benefit from the NTO Program by contacting:

Pat Weber, Coordinator, Center for New Directions
732-6688 or email pweber@csi.edu

NonTraditional Occupations for Females

In today's job market, women have the freedom to consider their own interests, aptitudes, values and needs when selecting a career. As most women work (46.3% -16 years and older), it is important for women to make informed career choices that will provide them with job satisfaction and a good standard of living. (Source US DOL, 2006)

NonTraditional Occupations for Males

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