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Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety Workshops FlyerA person may have Test Anxiety if they...

  • usually earn A's and B's on homework assignments, *
  • study thoroughly *
  • have a good understanding of the course material *, AND
  • become so stressed out over tests that they prevent themselves from demonstrating their mastery of the exam content.

* Not true for you?  Maybe it’s NOT test anxiety: Other resources for academic success
CSI Learning & Tutoring Commons http://www.csi.edu/ip/adc/lap/

Time Management help from Dartmouth University:

Impacts of nutrition on learning:

Research indicates that approximately 20% of all college students experience some form of test anxiety, ranging from mild "butterflies in the stomach" sensations to full-blown panic attacks.

CSI Career and Counseling Services offers a workshop aimed at teaching students how to better manage their test anxiety. This free, highly effective 5-week long course incorporates a progressive relaxation technique, a systematic desensitization process, study skills, and a brief look at ways our lifestyles affect our anxiety reaction. Students may either attend workshops offered twice each semester or make appointments to meet with a CSI Counselor to cover the material individually. Please call 732-6260 for more information and to sign up for the class.


Fall 2015 Test Anxiety Classes