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Register For an Employer Account

CSI's Eagle Jobs electronic posting board is where you can create your own account to post or remove positions as needed. We do not want students to have to choose between whether to go to class or work for fear of losing their jobs. Students are investing in their education to achieve higher level opportunities; therefore, we do not post positions students could have gotten without their education unless they are part time and student schedule friendly.
The criteria for posting are as follows:

  1. If part time, their schedule must be student friendly, meaning the company is willing to work around their class schedule.
  2. If full time:
    • Position must relate to the skills students are receiving in their program.
    • If available to graduates: the position cannot be one students could have gotten without their education and training. It must require skills student learned in their education.
    • If full time for current students: the schedule must be flexible with student's schedule.


Job submission forms are offline for maintenance. New job postings are not being accepted at this time.