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Student Authentication

Why do I need to login?

This position has been posted exclusively for CSI Students. You will need to verify your identity as a CSI student to access the details of this position.

CSI Student Authentication

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Student Login Instructions

To login to Eagle Jobs use your normal CSI login.

  • Your username is your student ID number (Where can you find your ID number? On your CSI picture ID or in the acceptance letter you received from the Admissions and Records Office upon applying to CSI.)
  • Your default password is your eight digit date of birth (until you change it)
    • Example 1: John Q. Public, born April 30, 1990. ID#: 654321
      • username: 654321
      • password: 04301990
    • Example 2: Sylvia T. Broccoli, born February 8, 1985, ID#: 987654
      • username: 987654
      • password: 02081985

Need Help?

For assistance with this website please contact the CSI Career Center Coordinator at (208) 732-6303 or If you need technical assistance contact the CSI Webmaster at (208) 732-6847 or