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Delivery driver/customer service - Details

Open for Applications Until Sunday, December 20, 2020.

Mower Office Systems


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Part-time or Full-time
Twin Falls

Job Description
We are posting this job to start immediately but that does not mean we will have already filled the job. We will leave this posting up until we hire.
We work around school schedules. Great job for a student. This position can be part time or full time. We are an office equipment and supplies company of 25 years in Twin Falls. You will be visiting businesses throughout the Magic Valley area, checking on them and doing deliveries. If you are confident, friendly, honest, organized, outgoing, social, and can talk to people then this may be the job for you. You can also earn commissions as well as an hourly base wage if desired. GREAT JOB
No experience is needed. You MUST have a good driving record. You need to feel confident that you can speak with people in their work places. An understanding of office supplies would be helpful, but definitely not needed. Also, if you are somewhat mechanically inclined would be helpful, but not required either.
We are looking for a hard working individual. There is a lot of opportunity and potential.
How To Apply
We will leave this posting up until we fill the position.

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Please submit your resume to the same email address above. Thank you