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Remote (Virtual) Hospitality/Event Management Internship (Unpaid) - Details

Open for Applications Until Saturday, December 17, 2022.

Easy Event Planning LLC

2657 Windmill Parkway Ste 162
Henderson, NV 89074

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Job Description
Easy Event Planning LLC (EEP) realizes that this pandemic can impact the event management/hotel management/hospitality students most of all and we have a great virtual internship that will tremendously help you in your future career.

You will be learning about and writing articles about a diverse range of event planning topics for inclusion in EEP's own blog and for guest blog posts on other sites. The internship can position you as a published authority before your career even begins.

You will also learn all about digital marketing, which is critical if you hope to be in business for yourself one day. You could also be a valuable asset to any organization for whom you work, as few people in the hospitality industry have a well-rounded marketing background.

You can learn about and gain experience in several areas of digital marketing:
- Social media management
- Content writing
- Content marketing
- On-site Search Engine Optimization
- Off-site Search Engine Optimization

Sample blog topics could include:
- Unique gender reveal ideas
- Do-it-yourself décor tips for an anniversary party
- Latest bridal party attire trends
- Top wedding colors for 2020
- How to track down fellow graduates for a high school reunion
- How to host a (virtual) team-building event

You may also have the opportunity to build the EEP brand in a key market, which would expose you to the many different types of vendors people hire for events.

EEP is a technology company that is changing the way events are planned across the US. Users can find the services they need (we have the largest event directory in the US), use helpful planning tools and get great ideas from our blog – all in one site. They will soon be able to request tips for their own event at no charge as well. The site is poised to become very high-profile in coming years.

This is a 100% virtual (unpaid) internship and you have a great deal of flexibility when you work. Communication will take place via Zoom, Skype video, audio and chat.

**Check with your internship coordinator BEFORE accepting to determine if this fits within the requirements of an academic internship.**

Easy Event Planning LLC is headquartered in Nevada. EIN 80-0188059. Business license available upon request. We abide by US Department of Labor Federal Internship Guidelines.


Can I get credit for this internship?
- Absolutely. Just let us know what paperwork your school requires and give us 7 days’ notice when evaluations must be submitted.

How many positions are available?
- We estimate bringing on 20 hospitality/event management students.

Who is managing you as an intern?
- Ms. Kilmer, our CEO, is providing instruction personally. Students are put on teams to facilitate better communication. Each team is assigned a digital marketing coach who will provide one-to-one feedback.

How many hours do you require?
- 10 is really the minimum to make it worth while.

What hours can I work?
- There is a lot of flexibility and you can work this around another internship or job. You can name your own schedule.

What do we look for in an intern?
- We love working with students who really want to learn, take advantage of the incredible opportunity, contribute and advance to leadership roles. We look for proactive communicators as well.

What are the weekly requirements?
- You must indicate which days/hours you plan to work for the following week and then record actual hours worked each work day, record your weekly accomplishments, attend two short team meetings per week and attend live training. If you are unable to attend, we ask that you watch the recording the same day.
How To Apply
You can apply here but also need to complete this form ( You can learn more about the company, the hiring process and all of the internship teams we offer here (