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Program Coordinator - Details

Open for Applications Until Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Lincoln County Youth Commission

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Richfield, Idaho

Job Description
Develop, implement, sustain and manage actions plans that will turn the goals of the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant into a reality with positive outcomes for students. Work with staff and patrons to provide targeted instruction for students that will significantly strengthen academic skills related to standardized academic assessment tests. Create and develop strong partnerships and collaborative working relationships in the district, region and state to accomplish the state objectives of the grant and ensure accountability for the program created by the grant. Manage the records of students, activities, calendars. Perform other duties and assume responsibilities as assigned. Job may be combined with other positions open at our youth center. Worked full time or part time.
Passionate about enriching the lives of students aged 5 - 18 and connecting them to their passions, the community and the world as a whole.
Detail oriented, organized and enthusiastic
How To Apply
Send cover letter and resume to Rebecca Wood, Lincoln County Youth Center, 111 West B, Suite C, Shoshone, ID 83352