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Free Resources and Consultation Available Year-Round

Are you ready to explore alternate employment possibilities; unfamiliar with the job search process; or want guidance in choosing a career that’s right for you? The College of Southern Idaho Career and Counseling Services Center invites students and community members to attend free workshops geared toward helping participants explore occupational options, develop a career plan, and learn valuable job seeking skills.

Career Exploration

Students and community members are invited to attend these free workshops geared towards helping participants to explore occupational options and develop a career plan.
Take interest, skill, personality and values inventories to match your characteristics with satisfying career choices. You may generate job possibilities not thought of before, or you may confirm whether or not the career you’re considering is a good fit for your unique traits, skills and interests.   You will learn how to explore our online resources to find out more about your career choices:  training required, pay range, employment outlook, and more. 

To set up an appointment or gain free online access to helpful assessments, visit  the Career Center (Taylor Building, Room 174) or call 732-6259.

Successful Job Seeking

Please call 732-6259 or stop by the Career Center in Taylor 174.

Presenting yourself professionally is a necessary skill not only when you want to find your dream job after college, but in many other situations, such as work study and part time jobs, internships, and applying for higher education programs..  The job search process is much less intimidating when you’re prepared.  In one two-hour session you will learn how to use resumes, cover letters and applications to your best advantage; what to expect during an interview, and techniques for presenting your strengths and transferrable skills.  Bring your application form, resume, and cover letter or create these documents using the online tools introduced during the workshop.

Test Anxiety

A person may have Test Anxiety if they…

  • usually earn A’s and B’s on homework assignments,
  • study thoroughly
  • have a good understanding of the course material, AND
  • become so stressed out over tests that they prevent themselves from demonstrating their mastery of the exam content.

Research indicates that approximately 20% of all college students experience some form of test anxiety, ranging from mild “butterflies in the stomach” sensations to full-blown panic attacks.

CSI Career and Counseling Services offers a workshop aimed at teaching students how to better manage their test anxiety. This free, highly effective 5-week long course incorporates a progressive relaxation technique, a systematic desensitization process, study skills, and a brief look at ways our lifestyles affect our anxiety reaction. Students may either attend workshops offered twice each semester or make appointments to meet with a CSI Counselor to cover the material individually. Please call 732-6260 for more information and to sign up for the class.

Please call 732-6260 for times, dates, location, and to sign up for the class.

Fall 2015 Test Anxiety Classes